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Modern Supply Bundle Bags, Boards & Box !


Complete modern supply bundle which contains 100 bags, 100 boards and 1 short box. All branded Comic Concept.

266 x 170mm
Exceptional rigidity
Board weight 400g per m squared
Fully coated one side (partially coated reverse side)
Very attractive white board
Acid free white board for long term archival safe storage
Buffered with 3% Calcium carbonate
Precision cut
Sized 175mm x 269mm APP. With 2
Crystal Clear Polypropylene. 100 Bags Per Pack.
Superior Strength For The Ultimate Comic Protection.
Stackable Comic Box for 150-175 comics with double thickness handles and bottom. Holds approximately 150 regular comics.

Outer dimensions without lid:
L: 36 cm x B 20 cm x H 29 cm

Outer dimensions with lid:
L: 40 cm, B: 21 cm, H: 29 cm

Inner dimensions:
L: 34 cm x B 19 cm x H 28 cm

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